First, I am so glad you're here! I remember searching for education tools when I was first starting out and was lucky enough to find a local photographer who was offering them. Education is such an important investment to make not only for your business but how you grow as a photographer. I am constantly learning and improving, even after years in the business. Teaching has always been a passion of mine! I love helping others learn and watching them grow into their full potential. It is truly humbling when I get a request for a mentorship session. 

I want you to know that the goal of this session is not to have you shoot and edit like me. I am here to give you the tools you'll need to find your own unique style and flow. I offer two types: one on one in person and virtual!

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I offer in person 1:1 mentoring where we will shoot a fully styled session together! We will then spend two hours after the session (on a different day) going over everything from culling, editing, and sending the gallery. During the session, I will cover things like wardrobe choices, lighting, posing/prompting, and client interactions. We will have a follow up virtual chat that lasts about 30 minutes to go over any loose ends or questions you might have! You will truly see how I plan, shoot, and edit from start to finish.


I am also offering a virtual editing mentorship! This is designed to help those who have a basic understanding of lightroom and photoshop but want to add that magic touch to their images. Again, this is not about teaching you how to edit like me but to give you a toolbox full of tricks and tips for your editing workflow. I will have you send me about 5 of your RAW files and you will watch me edit and ask all and everything! These last about 1.5 hours!


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“I did a mentor session with Stevee when I was less than a year into my photography career with a lot to learn still! I felt very frustrated and confused with editing and her photos inspired me so I booked a mentor session! Stevee taught me a lot of tips and tricks in Lightroom and connected me to resources that have helped her that I still use! She’s also been available for minor questions even after the mentorship and has continued to be a mentor and friend. I will be booking again for sure!”
- Kelsey Louise Photography

“My «why» is simple. I've been doing photography for 2 years now and have been learning by myself, playing around but never really understanding/knowing how to achieve better editing. I've been following facebook editing groups since forever and always told myself when I'd find someone that really made me go «wow» I'd ask if they could mentor me. Stevee posted her amazing pictures on this group and I just knew. I am looking to learn a new editing workflow, learn how she can achieve these beautiful images and make sure I continue to grow in terms of photography. I am looking forward to learning and making my photography go from 7 to 10 with her 😍”
 - Jessica R.L Photography 

“The mentorship I had with Stevee was so informational! She was very thorough with explaining every little detail of all the questions I had for her. She is also very patient & helped me understand the questions I had about photoshop so much! ☺️”
-Kara Slayton of Captured by Kara 

"Stevee was the sweetest and so fun to work with! She helped me learn how to draw out that genuine emotion from my clients and gave me a great starting foundation in the capabilities of Photoshop!"
 - Stacy Lynn Photography

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Partnering with Abbey Krysiak of Abbey Lynn Photography to bring you in person workshops and more educational tools! You can find more info + updates on our IG @gathertoflourish_collective!